***Badlands Desert Tour ***  4 DAYS RIDING / 6 NIGHT


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At just over an hour from Granada, you'll find one of Spain's most incredible natural paradises. So much so in fact that this area, known as the Gorafe Desert Geopark, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2020.

***Exclusive tracks/// Enduro or Trail***

However you may have imagined what a desert looks like, this incredible red earth landscape, with its canyons, ravines, fairy chimneys, and cave dwellings, as well as one of the most impressive horizons in Europe, will exceed any of the expectatons you may have previously held.

***Different levels ***

What our package includes?

  • 6 Nights of double room accommodation at rural hotels with breakfast and lunch included.
  • Single room supplement: 45€/night.
    4 days of guided touring, accompanied by an expert off-road enduro rider.
    One rest day, with a free of charge morning visit to the spectacular Hammam Al Ándalus (arab steam baths), tapas tour at midday and flamenco show in the evening.
    Rental motorbike: BETA XTRAINER 300 with substitution motorbike in case of breakdown.
    Stock of spare motorcycle parts available in case of breakdowns.
    Lunches at charming, tried and tested, high quality on route restaurants .
    Closed motorbike boxes with video surveillance.
    Car and trailer parking.
  • Free Membership of the Sacromonte Más Verde “Ecologist Association”.
  • Diploma and commemorative T-shirt

Price per rider, (minimum 4 riders). Groups of two or three riders subject to a supplement of 250€  per rider.

*Alcoholic beverages not included.


*Bike rental: BETA XTRAINER 300.
*Off-road experience is required.
*Insurance included.
*Petrol not included. All motorcycles are provided with a full tank of petrol and must be returned with a full tank of petrol.
*A fully refundable deposit of 300€ in cash is required for every rented motorbike.
*The optional fitting of brand new tyres is subject to a supplement of 100€.
*We do not hard enduro all day .
*You must respect the instructions of guides, follow traffic rules, especially speed limits in urban areas.
*In case of engine breakdown caused by mistreatment or excess speed, your deposit will be forfeited with repair bills charged directly to you.
*Riders must respect the maximum on road speed of 60 km/h.
*The guide reserves the right to suspend the tour for breaches of tour or motorcycle rental rules, without recourse to a refund.
Repairs of damage to rented motorcycles from misuse are charged at established local rates.

*Airport transfers, taxis, or flights are not included in the price.
*Itinerary and route order can be modified due to weather conditions or other reasons without prior notice.




The Granada loop:


After departing from our accommodation HQ in Sacromonte, our first day will be spent getting to know our machines, each other, and the type of skills you'll need to navigate the rigours of the terrain that you'll come across during the rest of the tour.

This first day give us an important opportunity to assess the level of the group and adapt our routes accordingly.

Our practice route for the day will take us north of the city towards the Sierra Nevada mountains from where we'll ll return to the city, enjoying the magnificent views along the way. And upon arrival, if we are lucky, an unforgettable sunset opposite Granada's most renowned spectacle - the Alhambra Palace.

Evening will give you the chance to recharge your batteries and discuss the best

moments of the day over a cold beer and a great dinner with friends.

Approximate distance: 150 km of route + 20 km of  connecting roads.


The Gorafe Challenge.


We hope you are rested and have enjoyed your breakfast. You'll need it, because one of the toughest routes of the tour awaits you.

You'll come across all sorts of surprises and challenges along the way: uneven rocky trails, woodland rides, descents along animal trails and technical riding from an enduro point of view..

After departing from Granada, we'll be heading towards the village of Beas de Granada, then passing through Huetor Santillan, Purullena and Guadix, before reaching the Gorafe desert and the 'badlands' of  Negratín.


This is an extreme, singular landscape, unlike anything you'll find in the typical touristic brochures of Andalusia. It is Granada at its most remote and unique, passing through areas where you'll find few, if any, signs of human activity.

An excellent lunch will be had at a local inn, after which we'll be continuing our route towards the village of Gorafe.

You'll be spending this night far from civilisation, at a very singular cave dwelling hotel, right in the middle of the desert. This in itself wil be an out of the ordinary experience that is bound to leave a lasting impression on you.

Approximate distance: 180km of route + 40 kms of connecting roads.



After two days of physically demanding Enduro riding, you will certainly need time for recovery. In the past, some of our clients did not intially believe that a rest day would be necessary, but in practice soon changed their mind afterwards.

Our rest day starts in the morning with a visit to the internationally renowned Hammam Al Ándalus (Arab steam baths). And when are bodies are back in shape, we'll be set for a tapas tour of some of the most emblematic bars in Granada and the Albayzin. You'll savour typical tapa dishes, such as fried fish, or Trevelez ham among many others.


In the evening, we'll finish off with a flamenco show in a cave opposite the Alhambra in the district of Sacromonte.


Special Gorafe-Gorafe loop:

Today's route explores new areas through the badlands and the hidden roads of the Altiplano region to the north of the province of Granada.

This is a real challenge for both machines and riders.

Lunch and return to the hotel to discuss the highlights of this unforgettable enduro trip through the most

beautiful corners of the Gorafe Desert.

240 km off road  / 20 km on road


Badlands -Granada.

Route through the spectacular desert wadis (Arabic name for dried up desert watercourses) with a mini tour that takes us through the desert village of Gorafe and then from here on to the Altiplano – or high plateau region, along spectacular routes that were not covered the previous day.

Both the Wadis and Ramblas, areas that we will be visiting throughout the day, are characteristic geographical features of semi-desert or steppe landscapes, in which past water runoffs have left their mark upon the landscape.

For lunch, we'll be stopping of at the village of Darro to savor the delights of the local cuisine.

In the evening, we'll be back in Granada and Sacromonte where we you'll be able to contemplate the spectacle of the Alhambra Palace over a beer for one last final time.

After your shower and the presentation of our participation diploma, you'll be ready for our farewell dinner.

160 KM OFFROAD + 25 KM of connecting roads.


Discover the GEOPARK. In one of the most SPECIAL areas of Europe





Hundreds of kilometers of adventure through the desert await you. PROFESSIONAL GUIDES


7 reasons why you should book with Sacromonteoffroad?

We're a LOCAL tour operator that knows all the off-road routes in the region like the back of our hand .

More than a business proposition, our clients are like-minded enduro enthusiasts and above all FRIENDS.

You don't have to adapt your riding skills to the routes – we ADAPT our routes to your level of riding competence.

Our route planning is under a process of CONSTANT revision and improvement.

We ensure our route plans are right for our clients by observing our clients' riding ability on DAY ONE.

When necessary, we give advice and practical classes in off-road riding, in preparation for the routes that you'll encounter throughout the tour.

As you'll be spending some of your nights accommodation in GRANADA, your nightlife fun is totally guaranteed.

Our TEAM, made up of highly EXPERIENCED off-road riders, is there to ensure your safety and to be at your service for every aspect of the tour.

90% of our clients repeat. Thousands of km. tours and hundreds of satisfied customers

Decidimos recorrer Andalucía haciendo enduro y fue una experiencia única, la organización de David y Luis fue perfecta. Todo el grupo disfrutamos mucho y la gastronomía un diez.

José A.

Fuimos nuestro grupo y le pedimos a Luis que nos organizara una ruta de 3 días, lo pasamos genial disfrutado del recorrido y el paisaje , repetiremos seguro.


Para mi ha sido una auténtica aventura, vivir unos días entre este grupo de apasionados del enduro. Mencionar que la organización, la ruta y los compañeros, ha sido todo estupendo.



Sacromonte Off Road is a Sports Ecologist association located in the Finca in El Hornillo in the city of Granada and specialized in the practice of Enduro. Constituted as an active tourism company registered with the Junta de Andalucia. We offer a space as an off road school. In the farmhouse located in the Sacromonte neighborhood in Granada, it is an excellent starting point to start our routes, next to the banks of the Darro River and the Alhambra, it is the perfect place for lovers of motorcycles and nature. Ideal place for those who love nature and country bikes. Today, the association has more than 300 members who collaborate in different activities related to the natural environment where they develop these events, always following an ethical code of driving off-road motorcycles and a passion for the environment.

Hoy en día, la asociación tiene con más de 300 socios que colaboran en diferentes actividades relacionadas con el entorno natural donde y desarrollan estos eventos, siempre siguiendo un código ético de conducir motos off road y la pasión por el medio ambiente.

Our company organizes enduro routes through Andalusia. Check our prices and packs specially designed to have the best offers for different routes and excursions on enduro motorcycles in Andalusia. The motorcycle routes in Andalusia are perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts, because the routes consist of various levels and are ideal for getting started in enduro or trail and serve as a preparation base for great adventures.

Our guides are former pilots with years of experience in competition, they are fun, close people, and they get involved at all times so that you can enjoy the route to the fullest. They are instructors who advise you on the best technique to optimize your driving and minimize risk. They have a first aid course.

Enduro routes are perfectly designed in detail and professionalism by experts. Our routes are constantly reviewed, to guarantee that we always have the best tracks to enjoy on a motorcycle. We also offer a pack with magnificent quality accommodation to spend several days on a motorcycle trip. Where excursions, meals and other activities are included. We offer classes and courses.

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